Best IOS crypto portfolio tracker

At Cryptalert like all crypto traders, we love to track our favorite cryptocurrencies. We have almost all iPhone, and we have tested many applications to track our portfolios. Today we are going to share the 5 best apps we found on the app store to follow our cryptos.

5 - Lionshare

Lionshare was born out of a Coinbase hackathon and is completely open source. Its User Interface is really effective, unfortunately only very few altcoins are available. We recommend this application only if you trade cryptocurrencies of the top 20. Lionshare costs $2.99.


4 - Blockfolio

It's no coincidence that Blockfolio is the best-known application for managing cryptommocurrencies portfolio. Blockfolio is a complete application to follow details of the coins and its portfolio. It is also possible to read the latest news of the cryptocurrency world.

Its lack of update and connection problems left it progress margin.


3 - Crypto Central

Intuitive application, sleek design, live portfolio amount, many exchanges support. Crypto Central is a very good application to follow the course of its portfolio. It also allows you to follow the latest news of the crypto world.


2 - Coinstats

We especially liked Coinstats for its trades import feature. Coinstats allows by indicating a read-only API key to get all of our trades instantly, and it is very convenient when you are positioned on dozens of currencies.

Coinstats has a paid plan at $5 a month to get some extra features.


1 - Delta

Delta is the application that was unanimous, its perfect user interface and its large number of supported exchanges make it the best application for tracking its cryptocurrencies. Almost all the features are free; there is still a plan to $5 to open multiple portfolios and synchronize with more devices.