Paid plans on Cryptalert

You can purchase 2 types of plans on Cryptalert. Here we are going to explain why there are paid features and what these plans can bring you.

Why is Cryptalert not 100% free ?

Cryptalert is not totally free for several reasons. We are 100% self-funded, unlike others, we do not receive any external support, and the only investments are those of the team.

Our personal investment was enough to keep the project alive until the world of cryptocurrency explodes, the number of Cryptalert users has increased as fast as the price of Bitcoin.

The needs of Cryptalert in terms of server and computing power have also increased exponentially. This forced us to limit the use of our tool for users with a free plan.

What plans can you purchase ?

We decided to create 2 different type of plans :

One, if you want to create more alert :


Another one, if you're going to receive your alerts directly on your mobile phone per SMS :


Each plan can be purchased yearly to save 30%.

If you want to financially support our project it iss the only thing that you can do :-)